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We are pleased to launch Barnsley’s Subject Champions for Science, History and Geography. All our Subject Champions are
experienced and effective subject leaders from across Barnsley’s primary schools and academies. They will work with an
external expert who is a specialist in their subject field.

They will also be supported by:
Diane Heritage, Education Consultant. Formerly Lead Associate for the National College for School Leadership. Diane
specialises in coaching, professional learning, policy development and school improvement. She was a Senior Associate with
the Education Endowment Foundation working with a range of partners to bring the use of evidence-based practice closer to
schools.Subject Champions will plan and deliver evidenced based to termly subject network meetings. Schools will have a choice of
two dates and locations per term for each of the subjects to ensure the networks are as accessible as possible.

Expected outcomes:
• Improved subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding of both subject leaders and teachers
• Developed understanding of facilitating effective adult learning through system-led networks
• Improved subject leadership builds stronger leadership capacity
Our Subject Champions are coming together for their first Training and Development Day on the 12th October 2023, following
this we will confirm the network dates below.