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 Early Career Framework – ECF


The ECF has been designed to support early career teacher development in five core areas – behaviour management, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours.

The UCL programme consists of nine modules of study over the two years which have been carefully designed to fully address the content of all Teachers’ Standards. In Year 1 ECTs will study five carefully crafted modules with a further four modules in Year 2 to deepen ECTs’ knowledge and practice in relation to aspects of the ECF that are most pertinent to each individual’s progress and learning.


Year 1: Themed modules

Term/Module Overview
Autumn 1
Module 1: Enabling pupil learning (Teachers’ Standards 1 and 7
Setting high expectations for learning and behaviour, and practical strategies for shaping the learning environment to enable pupil learning.
A structured programme of observation, reflective practice, scripting and rehearsal equips the ECT with foundational learning skills that underpin self-study and continuing professional development.
Autumn 2
Module 2: Engaging pupils in learning (Teachers’ Standards 2 and 3)
Developing a rich conceptual understanding of pupil learning, memory and subject/specialism expertise. Applying this to teaching through carefully structured activities that connect theory to the ECT’s practice.
Spring 1 and 2
Module 3: Developing quality pedagogy (Teachers’ Standards 4 and 5)
Exploring and applying strategies to support high-quality planning and adaptive teaching that addresses the needs of all pupils.
Summer 1
Module 4: Making productive use of assessment (Teachers’ Standard 6)
Investigating approaches to assessment and feedback that improve learning and make efficient use of time, in and out of the classroom.
Summer 2
Module 5: Fulfilling professional responsibilities (Teachers’ Standard 8)
Building skills in working with others within and beyond the school to improve teaching and manage professional development across a career in education.


Year 2: Enquiry based learning

Term/Module Overview
Autumn 1
Module 6: Inquiry into enabling pupil learning
Revisiting learning from Module 1. Investigating one area of practice, from Standards 1 and 7, and conducting a rapid exploratory inquiry into the impact of the ECT’s existing practice.
Autumn 2
Module 7: Inquiry into engaging pupils in learning
Revisiting learning from Module 2. Using the audit to identify one area of practice, drawn from Standards 2 and 3, to focus a second exploratory inquiry into the impact of the ECT’s existing practice, and to identify useful changes to practice.
Spring term and Summer 1
Module 8: Inquiry into developing quality pedagogy and making productive use of assessment
Revisiting learning from Modules 3 and 4. From an audit of Standards 4, 5 and 6, conducting a more extended inquiry, evaluating the impact on pupils of an alteration to the ECT’s practice. Sharing the findings of this inquiry with colleagues.
Summer 2
Module 9: Fulfilling professional responsibilities
Revisiting Module 5 content, reflecting on progress across the programme, exploring and preparing for how the ECT’s professional role may evolve as their career develops.