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Victoria Till

Victoria Till is a tenacious and hardworking individual who always has the needs of her pupils at the heart of everything she does. She has led effective change in the EYFS unit and led a growing staff team to ensure positive outcomes for all. She is a confident and determined leader who inspires those around her with her positive attitude and proven track record in raising standards. She has led network days across her Trust in all elements of EYFS planning and teaching as well as assessment. Victoria has developed staff within school in terms of their leadership; working alongside our Phonics leader to ensure rapid and sustained progress across EYFS and KS1. She has also developed a culture and ethos which is bespoke for the unit she works in yet aligns with our school vision and core values. She works well with all stakeholders and leads all parental workshops throughout the school year. Her key knowledge and skills are undeniable and make her the perfect candidate to support people in any area of the curriculum.

Dee Marsh