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Nicola Shipman

Nicola is an National Leader of Education and CEO of Steel City Schools Partnership (SCSP). Along with her staff from SCSP, she has worked with staff from over 50 settings.  Nicola has a wealth of experience providing school to school support as a National Support School. Along with becoming an Ofsted Inspector in 2014, the impact of her experience has helped to improve the outcome of many of the schools that were supported. Nicola has led on the design and deliver of CPD for Head teachers and Senior Leaders across Barnsley for the last 2 years.


Matthew Harris

Matthew is currently the Head Teacher at Burton Road Primary School. Having supported other schools as an LLE, Matthew has a strengthened understanding of teaching and learning and use of success criteria, along with maths and effective use of pupil premium. He is now a designated National Leader for Education. Matt has led on the design and deliver of CPD for Head teachers and Senior Leaders across Barnsley for the last 2 years.

Gerry Foster Wilson

Gerry is the CEO of Every Child Matters Academy Trust. She is an experienced NLE working with schools in a variety of contexts. Gerry has a track record of school improvement including moving schools in special measures to good. Gerry has worked at both national and local level writing national strategy and delivering CPD to ensure that this was successfully developed at both national and local level. She has a wide range of experience of leading multi-agency services to meet locally set targets. Gerry represents Headteacher colleagues at the Trust Executive Group and on the Barnsley Alliance Board. This has enabled her to contribute to both educational and wider service policy. She has 3 years’ experience of working as a lead OFSTED inspector. Gerry is currently working alongside the local authority to offer specialist SEND provision to meet the needs of the borough.

Tom Banham

Tom is the CEO of HCAT. He is an experienced NLE and provides school to school support to schools in a variety of different contexts. He is a lead facilitator on the NPQH Programme and is the Chair of the South Yorkshire Teaching School Hub and represents South Yorkshire Teaching Schools at the EMSYH Regional Summit and Local Area SRIB. Alongside this he is also a member of the Barnsley Alliance Board that facilitates the strategic sector led school improvement of Barnsley Schools. He also is a representative of the Barnsley Formula Funding review Group for the Local Authority. This network of support enables him to access an array of specialist knowledge and expertise from a diverse pool of system leaders ranging from NLES, LLES, Consultant Heads, SLES and other field experts across the whole of the Education Sector and beyond.