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Interview Process

We invite applicants who successfully meet the application criteria to attend a Selection Event at Horizon Community College.

The event will be led by staff from our partnership schools along with a staff member from Tykes Teaching Alliance. The event will last approximately two to three hours and will include:

A meet & greet – an introductory talk about the course and Tykes Teaching Alliance A learning walk – where you will be shown around school by a group of pupils An individual interview A teaching task

At this stage we assess your;

  • ability to communicate clearly, both orally and on paper
  • knowledge of the area of education you are interested in
  • interest in, and commitment to, a career in teaching
  • ability to work effectively with children in an educational setting (for primary education courses you will need to bring the reference from the educational setting you attended)

Please note that we are conducting Selection Events remotely via Zoom.

Explore Training to Teach With Us

Our promise to all our trainees is to deliver progressive school direct teacher training with support, guidance and professional development opportunities.

From the outset, dedicated, experienced mentors and staff within our family of schools welcome you and support you as a member of our school community.

Our team is committed to providing the very best training at the start and throughout your teaching year. They will drive, guide and develop you to prepare you to enter into the teaching profession.


Entry requirements for the courses are a 2:2 degree, along with GCSE maths, English and science (for primary) at grade C/4 or equivalent.

All teachers are expected to be competent in Fundamental English and mathematics. Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers are expected to make an assessment of English and maths knowledge of a trainee before QTS is awarded.

The application window for the September 2023/2024 cohort will open via APPLY on 4th October 2022.

Please contact our team to find out more about your training options.

Click on the APPLY link to apply.


Tykes TA training is fun, innovative and exciting. Training with us will enable you to fulfil your ambition in becoming a future teacher.

From the amazing things you will experience and the day to day things that you will learn, you will certainly have structure and a supportive ‘family’ around you to progress.

School based learning is bespoke to all our individual trainees. You will have an experienced mentor to encourage and guide you throughout your training. You will also have additional support colleagues within your host school as well as tutors from SHU.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) deliver taught training sessions to ensure trainees are fully equipped to enter the teaching profession. The programme covered is innovative and relevant to the current climate and needs of the local region.

Our family of schools provides many opportunities for sharing excellent practice. Help and support is always at hand whenever you need it.


You are safe hands, is our philosophy for all trainees. We foster a nurturing approach to all trainees and provide everything that you need to be the very best that you can be.

Our guiding principle is to support, nurture and grow trainees throughout the alliance.

We champion equality and opportunity for all and we host inclusive working environments for everyone.

At Tykes TA, we pride ourselves on a holistic support for trainees where the wellbeing of individuals is at the heart of working together. We care.



Graduating the programme means the award of QTS/PGCE qualifications (60 credits at Masters Level).

Upon graduation, Tykes TA offers all graduates support to gain employment.

95% of our trainees succeed to secure employment as ECTs before or after graduation.

We are a registered Appropriate Body for Early Careers Teachers (ECTs), therefore we can continue to support you throughout your first year of teaching and beyond.

We provide an extensive portfolio of career pathways that are available to every teacher starting their journey with Tykes TA.

We promote a breadth of continuous professional development courses, Early Career Teachers, Middle and Senior Leader training and National Qualification programmes.