Tykes TSA and  Barnsley TSA are pleased to be participating in this EEF funded project to explore ways to build the capacity of primary schools to use evidence.

Is your primary or junior school interested in working with other schools and a team from the Institute of Education, University of London to explore ways of using evidence to support improvement at Key Stage 2? If so you are invited to participate in this two-year Education Endowment Fund (EEF) study to test out the potential of Research Learning Communities.
About the project : Starting in September 2014, the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the IOE will be collaborating with some 100+ primary/junior schools to: Identity and recruit 2-3 ‘evidence champions’ from each school, at least one of whom will be the headteacher or another senior leader. Work with the evidence champions in Research Learning Communities (RLSs). Each RLCs will each bring together evidence champions from five schools. They will come together for a one-day workshop held locally four times a year to examine research and evidence relating to an agreed area of focus, and to develop, apply and evaluate school or key stage-wide improvement strategies based on this evidence. Build capacity to ensure the sustainability of the approach, ensuring that schools can continue to run RLCs and use evidence effectively, after the project ends.


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