Teachers’ Standards define the minimum level of practice expected of teachers from the point they’re awarded qualified teacher status (QTS).

New standards were introduced in 2012 to set a minimum standard of practice which applies to all teachers, regardless of their career stage.

If you’re a newly qualified teacher (NQT), the standards will be used to assess your performance at the end of your induction period in employment. Whether or not you meet the standards to a satisfactory level is decided on the basis of:

  • what should reasonably be expected of you, working in the relevant setting and circumstances, within the framework set out by the standards
  • an expectation that you’ve effectively consolidated your training and are demonstrating your ability to meet the standards consistently and over a sustained period of time
  • demonstration that your practice is consistent with the definition set out in the standards preamble, and that you’ve met parts 1 and 2 of the standards.