Support materials are available to help induction teachers and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) through the induction period.

Below is a list of documents you may find useful during the NQT induction period:

  1. Teachers’ standards
  2. Teachers’ standards overview
  3. Progress review and tracking tool
  4. Teacher’s Standards Tracker
  5. Lesson Observation Feedback Form
  6. NQT Weekly Review Pro forma (for NQT’s use)
  7. Statutory Guidance for NQT Induction
  8. Responsibility flowchart
  9. Cause for Concern Checklist
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Induction appeals procedures

Other Useful Documents

Professional Development Planner for NQT

Teachers’ standards (early years)

Teachers’ standards (early years) tracker 

Statutory instruments for education induction arrangements

Teachers’ standards: myths and facts

Teachers’ standards: how they should be used