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As a designated NQT Appropriate Body, we provide the Statutory Induction for NQT’s across Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham and Wakefield.

Over the last 3 years, we have effectively quality assured the process of NQT induction for over 460 NQTs with 100% pass rate.

We provide mentor training to ensure NQT mentors are fully aware of and able to meet their roles and responsibilities.

Year on year we are the chosen Appropriate Body provider for over 80% of Barnsley Primary schools.

Employing NQTs – School Responsibilities

If you employ a newly qualified teacher (NQT) in your setting, you have a number of responsibilites that you must fulfil.

Before you employ an NQT:
  • You must make sure that they have qualified teacher status (QTS)
  • You must make sure that the post is suitable for induction
  • You must provide us a named mentor contact
NQT School Guidance:
Registering an NQT:
  • Schools must register the NQT with the appropriate body (High View Primary Learning Centre) – this is a legislative requirement of the Teaching Regulation Agency –  any delay to the registration may result in the NQT having to undertake a longer induction period.
  • Schools cannot register an NQT retrospectively.
Assessing an NQT’s performance:
  • Schools should complete termly assessments of the NQT’s performance evidencing towards the standards as specified in the Teachers’ Professional Standards.
  • Please return completed assessments back to Tykes TA on a termly basis (for full time NQTs).
  • If the NQT leaves the school before completing the induction period, schools must complete an interim assessment to make sure that the induction can be continued effectively in any subsequent post.
Assessment report forms and deadlines

Deadlines for submission of NQT assessment reports for 2020- 2021:

  • Autumn term – one week before school breaks up for Christmas.
  • Spring term – one week before school breaks up for Easter.
  • Summer term – two weeks before school breaks up for Summer.

Please submit reports on time so that we can discharge our statutory responsibilities and fulfil our monitoring function.

Assessment forms

Please email all completed assessment forms to: Karen Hartshorne:

Teacher Standards

Teacher Standards define the minimum level of practice expected of teachers from the point they’re awarded qualified teacher status (QTS).

New standards were introduced in 2012 to set a minimum standard of practice which applies to all teachers, regardless of their career stage.

If you are a newly qualified teacher (NQT), the standards will be used to assess your performance at the end of your induction period in employment. Whether or not you meet the standards to a satisfactory level is decided on the basis of:

  • what should reasonably be expected of you, working in the relevant setting and circumstances, within the framework set out by the standards.
  • an expectation that you have effectively consolidated your training and are demonstrating your ability to meet the standards consistently and over a sustained period of time.
  • demonstration that your practice is consistent with the definition set out in the standards preamble, and that you’ve met parts 1 and 2 of the standards.
Support Materials

Support materials are available to help induction teachers and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) through the induction period.

Useful documents during the NQT induction period:

  1. Teachers’ standards
  2. Teachers’ standards overview
  3. Progress review and tracking tool
  4. Teacher’s Standards Tracker
  5. Lesson Observation Feedback Form
  6. NQT Weekly Review Pro forma (for NQT’s use)
  7. Statutory Guidance for NQT Induction
  8. Responsibility flowchart
  9. Unsatisfactory Progress Checklist
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Induction appeals procedures

Other useful documents:

Record of Weekly Mentor Meeting with NQT

Professional Development Planner for NQT

Teachers’ standards (early years)

Teachers’ standards (early years) tracker 

Statutory instruments for education induction arrangements

Teachers’ standards: myths and facts

Teachers’ standards: how they should be used

Contact the Appropriate Body Coordinator:

Karen Hartshorne (NQT Induction Appropriate Body Co-ordinator)

Telephone: 01226 100450

Mobile: 07703 808468