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Geography (11-16) (G491)

Our secondary Geography course equips you with the knowledge and expertise to plan and teach all aspects of the geography curriculum in Key Stages 3 & 4 (11-16).

Core training at Education House and your regional hub where you examine the subject in depth including GCSE specifications, marking and assessment and the range of skills and pedagogy required to become an inspirational Geography teacher.

Course Code: G491

Throughout the programme, you will work closely with your lead mentor, subject mentor and subject lead to ensure that you get all the support you need to become an excellent teacher.

The course runs from September to June with a registration and induction day in August prior to your course start date.

School placements

During your placements, you will develop your pedagogy and practice through learning from highly experienced colleagues who have taught the subject successfully in secondary schools for many years. In addition to being placed in two contrasting schools, we also provide Experience Days so that you can gain insights into primary or Post-16 to give you a deeper understanding of a child’s educational journey. We take note of candidates’ transport needs and, where possible, seek to place them in schools that are conveniently located for their individual circumstances.

As an integral part of the curriculum, four Intensive Training and Practice experiences (ITAPs) focus on pivotal aspects of the training and provide further opportunities to observe, reflect and apply what you have learned, strengthening your understanding of the link between evidence and classroom practice.


Your progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards, and acquiring the intended knowledge, understanding, skills and professional behaviours of our curriculum, is assessed holistically.

For QTS: Assessment is ongoing throughout the year, and includes observation of your practice and evidence of your success from mentors, subject and/or phase leads and yourself. You are assessed against our curriculum as the year progresses, summarised at four review points in a Holistic Review Summary, and against the Teachers’ Standards at the end of the programme in the Early Career Teacher transfer document.

For PGCE: Assessment is by two written assignments for Sheffield Hallam University that are assessed at master’s degree level and provide the 60 MA credits, which are academically robust and grounded in your day-to-day practice.

Upon successful completion of the course, you gain a PGCE which includes QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). The QTS can be used as the first third of a master’s degree (60 credits), should you wish to continue with this accredited professional development.

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