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Geography (11-16) (AE30)

On successful completion of the course students are awarded QTS, PGCE, comprising 60 credits at Master Level 6.

Students are placed in two highly performing schools, mentored by good and outstanding teachers.

They will experience all aspects of school life which is invaluable when applying for future teaching positions.

Students will spend more than 120 days in schools on placement.

We arrange for students visit provision to increase their awareness of where children transition from and to (pre and post secondary), providing a holistic understanding of children’s progression.

Students will also have the opportunity to view best practice for SEN and EAL children.

Students will spend the vast majority of their time at Horizon Community College. After February half term students will spend 4 weeks in an alternative placement school.

Ensuring students understand the world in which they live lies at the heart of the Geography Department at Horizon. The future of our planet has never been more at risk and so our aim is to equip students with geographical knowledge, whilst enabling them to understand the wider consequences of mankind’s actions on the planet and human environments.

We also provide students with the opportunity to experience geography in action in the UK, further enhancing their skills and knowledge. We have an excellent track record of developing and supporting our trainees within the department so, if you have the enthusiasm to equip future geographers with the tools they need to shape the future of our planet, come and join our team!

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